Hotel Real Polanco – Typical hospitality that you can expect in Mexico City


Today our recommendation for you, is directed to your future stay in Mexico City, with this option 5 stars, the Hotel Camino Real Polanco.

Remember that through our website, you can reserve it for months without interest, or in cash for payments, sending your request via this route.

Why do we recommend it to you? Fortunately, we tell you, it’s not us. Most of its users are those who qualify as strategically located to visit the tourist attractions of the city, for its comfort, for its peculiar architecture, alluding to pyramids so characteristic of Mexican culture and for its excellent attention. Especially, if your trip is for business, or if you want to surprise your partner with a nice stay, the infrastructure is ideal.

How curious, did you know what? The hotel hosted two world football championships as well as the Olympic Games, not to mention the visits of presidents and members of the royalty of many countries in the world.

If you have been told how beautiful the Forest of Chapultepec, the interesting of the Museum of Anthropology and History or simply the exclusivity of the Polanco Zone, then, these are only minutes from the Hotel. If you have traveled the world, you will know that “Camino Real” is synonymous with quality, service, style, of great warmth. And if not yet, is the opportunity to encourage you to enjoy a well deserved time between work and rest.


Dubai, the Best City of the World for Tourism

Why travel to Dubai?

Dubai wants to become one of the most important tourist destinations in the world in the medium term and is working to build its dream in the middle of the desert.

By way of information, in 2017 more than 50,000 Americans visited Dubai for an average stay of 3 nights. As a curiosity, more than 60% went to 5 star hotels.

Where do I begin?
In the UAE, approx 200 kms, the north of its capital Abu Dhabi, is present the city of Dubai, which is also the world’s rapidly growing city in the last ten years, it is a heavenly tourist destination which increasingly sought after by travelers from around the globe. It is now started to be known at the begin of the 21th century.

Probably the only thing you know about Dubai is what can be seen in the shocking presentations that arrive at your email from time to time.

Dubai is more than a set of pharaonic projects and if you want to know more about this city and its society, you can start by reading a little of its history, its neighborhoods and its most important visits.

Botanical Garden of Palmetum in Canary Islands

The Botanical Garden of Palmetum is located next to Santa Cruz, overlooking the sea from a small mountain. This mountain is an old dump converted into gardens that walk paths and streams, with lakes and waterfalls next to which is the most important collection of palms of Europe. It is also considered the largest collection of tropical palm trees in the world. It is a botanical garden that occupies 120,000 m2, especially dedicated to the family of palm trees.

It has not been easy to find the Palmetum for some absent-minded travelers driving through the crazy traffic of Santa Cruz. After several carambolas through avenues and roundabouts, we got there and it turns out that it was closed.

It seems that they only open four hours a day and over schedule with split. Once the lesson is learned, the next day we introduce ourselves to the opening hour. With the entrance they give us a flat and immediately an elevator takes us to the high part of the gardens. Already past 11 in the morning, we are in the Canaries and in midsummer. We are going to spend some heat, but we can see that it was worth it.

Around the world 2,400 species of palm trees are known. Of these the Palmetum has about 400 species that are increasing. This includes palm trees of all kinds and all kinds of habitats. We can see desert palms and others that live in the humid jungle; besides the palm trees with the typical size of the tree, there are shrubs, climbers and also those that grow in the water.

The palm trees belong to the family of Palmáceas. There are other plants that are not palm trees, but they have a similar appearance, like the Cicadáceas and the arborescent ferns. The palms are monocotyledons. Unlike trees, which are dicotyledons, their trunk does not grow thicker over the years, they are only able to grow to the top. They do not therefore have inner rings that help to calculate the age and the rings that we see out of their trunks are just the marks that leave the fallen leaves.


One of the essential places for the plant fan visiting Tenerife is the Orotava Acclimatization Garden, better known as the Botanical Garden, in Puerto de la Cruz. That’s why we’re there as first thing in the morning, just open the doors. After the staircase of black basalt, the portico of oriental shades and the payment of 3 €, we enter a still light, sifted through a roof so thick that makes me wonder if I should use the flash. And after a first look at the fronds that await us, I must check if I have enough space on the memory card of the camera. As soon as a fresh life rises from the wet ground, the branches of the trees bend and drip as if a tropical storm has just passed. In the background a gardener tries to pick up a huge hose, the hour of irrigation is over.

According to the pamphlet, the beginnings of the Garden of Acclimatization of the Orotava go back until 1788, when it is created by grace of a Real Order of Carlos III. It is the second oldest botanical garden in Spain, after Madrid. Both began at the same time, during the Enlightenment. The project itself is from 1790 and it is not until 1792 when the first specimens are planted. It is installed in Puerto de La Cruz, the old port of the nearby municipality of La Orotava, on the island of Tenerife. The idea was to count in Spanish territory with a suitable place where to plant the most interesting species brought from the distant colonies. Once acclimated they would move to the colder climate of the Peninsula. In those days the lands of the Botanic were far and isolated,

The Botanic has a geometric layout, with two axes that cross in a roundabout with pond and between these are aligned the rectilinear corridors and the pictures of the plants. At the end of the whole is the large pond, which no longer have the irrigation function for which it was created. And there ends the order, because it is such the richness, the mixture and exuberance of the species that grow here that one would constantly have the sensation of crossing the forest if it were not for these walks lined with hedges that walks. The historic grounds of the gardens have been restored. It currently has 20,000 m2 of visitor area. In the future, another 40,000 m2 will be available, which are being built on an annexed plot. This expansion will include different facilities, such as the visitor center, nonexistent today and essential for the development of all kinds of cultural activities. As a good botanist, the Garden is also a scientific institution. It houses a herbarium dedicated to the Canarian flora and a library with ancient volumes. In addition, it carries out different investigations on the flora of the Canary Islands and the preservation of endemic species.

It is a pity that today no scientific order is preserved in the garden collections. There are also no complete historical records since the beginning of this valuable plant heritage, treasured since the end of the eighteenth century. Thus, data on the origin and age of the oldest trees are missing, although many are supposed to exceed 150 years of age. Among these are the mamey, certain araucarias or an old canary pine. But although some data is missing, the visitor enjoys the same with the more than 2,500 copies that come from the five continents. It impresses the beauty and diversity of the collections of tropical and subtropical plants, significant for their ornamental importance (the great majority), scientific (the ginkgo, The Cicadáceas) and economic (the bread tree, the rubber tree, the vanilla, the oil palm). They are very interesting varieties of Palms (of which there are more than 150 species), and the collections Aráceas, Bromeliáceas, Cactáceas and Moráceas.

However not everything has always been flowers in the Garden. Throughout its history it has suffered the ruin of its old wooden installations, the disappearance of specimens, the aviary, the old greenhouses … it has even survived some earthquake. The Garden has gone from institution to institution, suffering periods of neglect and decadence in which it has been on the verge of total ruin. This chronic neglect on the part of the authorities has been compensated in the last years with an effort in the improvement of the facilities and their maintenance and in the face of the diffusion and investigation. Although at present it still suffers from a shortage of means and personnel, besides a lack of activities for the many that could be developed.

Apart from the mini toy box office, nowhere is the visitor catered for. You miss a bookstore, a shop, a library, an information booth, a place to have coffee under these tree wonders … even a web page would not hurt.

In the middle of the morning there are many visitors who enter this place asleep and mysterious, perhaps romantic for some. They walk under the same centuries-old shadows as hundreds of thousands of visitors have done, many famous scientists, naturalists or artists. Exhausted but happy, we look for the orientalised porch of the exit. A last breath under the collection of bromeliads that thrive on the old trunk of a bald cypress and we leave without any regret, because we are sure that we will return …

A branch of the Botanic, much more discreet in size but no less interesting, is called the Hijuela of the Botanical Garden. It is a beautiful garden located in the nearby municipality of La Orotava. Just behind the Town Hall, are these beautiful gardens that were in the beginning the orchard of the convent of San José. It is a garden of romantic style, founded in 1788, as auxiliary center of the Botanical Garden of the Orotava. The intention was to acclimate species here to a higher altitude. They occupy almost 4,000 m2 in which we find native plants of the Canary archipelago and of all kinds. Even the fence of the enclosure, of forge carved with vegetable themes, is an authentic work of art. Without forgetting the historical center of this small town of the Orotava, with its narrow streets, houses, mills,

The Orotava Acclimatization Garden opens every day from 9 am to 6 pm, except on January 1, Good Friday and December 25.

Its address is calle Retama, nº 22, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife – Canary Islands.
Telephone numbers: 922 922 978/922 922 981. Fax: 922 923 138. E-mail: jao [at]

La Hijuela del Botánico opens from 9 am to 14 pm, except on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
It is located in La Orotava, Tomás Pérez street, nº 1, behind the Town Hall.


To help you with planning, we have made several tours of Los Angeles to get to know the city and its surroundings with different days, as well as a set of excursions and activities that one can do if you are traveling to Los Angeles. If you’re interested in enjoying the sun and the Californian beaches, do not miss the list of the best beaches in Los Angeles. This tour guide is designed for all types of public, and you can find information on the best places to go out in Los Angeles with your friends as well as activities to travel with children and family to Los Angeles. There is also a section for shopping fans where we explain the best places to go shopping in Los Angeles. In short, here you will find everything you need to know to organize and prepare your trip to Los Angeles, whatever the type of trip you want to do. In the online tourism guide, you will find all the information you need to prepare and organize your trip to Los Angeles.

Practical information like weather and temperatures, documentation needed to travel to Los Angeles, some recommended restaurants where to eat and of course, the best areas to stay in Los Angeles. But in addition, you’ll also find a complete explanation of everything one should visit if you travel to Los Angeles: cultural attractions and the most popular tourist attractions to visit if you’re traveling to Los Angeles. In the top menu of the page you will find everything you need to get a general idea of ​​what you can visit and discover in the city of stars. If you are visiting the web in your mobile, you must deploy the menu that has several sections of information. In the first place you will see tourist information, which brings together practical data for the traveler: the basic information that you should know before traveling. Use these pages to prepare your trip to Los Angeles in advance: Book accommodation, rent a car, travel documents and preparation of your luggage.

Travel Backpacks


A backpack is also known as knapsack, rucksack or pack is in its simplest manner called a fabric sack carried on one’s back and tied with two strips that go over the shoulders, but there can be exemptions. Soft weight varieties of backpacks are every so often worn on only one shoulder strap. The backpacks used to carry tennis sport accessories are called tennis backpacks or sports backpacks. Similarly there are backpacks for travel, they are known as Travel Backpacks.

Backpacks are usually chosen to handbags for carrying heavy loads, because of the limited volume to carry heavy weights for long periods of time in the hands. Large backpacks are utilized to lift loads above 10 kg, typically unload the larger portion of their weight over padded hip strips, leaving the shoulder straps primarily for making the load to be even. This increases the ability to lift heavy loads since the hips are more robust than the shoulders and also improves stability and balance, as the load rides nearer the person’s own center of mass. In olden days, the backpack was utilized as a way to lift the hunter’s bigger game and other sorts of prey as a means of simpler transport.


Best Hotels in London


The Hotels in London offers guests the chance for a relaxing break but with plenty of opportunities for a fun filled holiday also. This comfortable accommodation is perfect for couples and families, ideally located, whether guests want to enjoy the beach or to explore the local area.

The superb all-inclusive, 4 star hotel is a mere 100 metres from the beach and promenade in London. The beach here might be narrow, but it stretches for miles offering sun worshippers plenty of sand to sit and relax on whilst enjoying the superb Britain weather. London beach is known for its turtles, as at certain times of the year turtles come on to the sand to lay their eggs. If you are lucky and are on holiday at the end of July, you might even get the chance to witness the hatchlings emerging and making their way to the sea, an unforgettable experience.

The 153 attractive guestrooms are light and comfortably decorated, in neutral colours. All rooms are ensuite and include the usual array of amenities such as a hairdryer, satellite TV, telephone, mini bar, AC and a private balcony or terrace. All rooms can sleep two adults and one child, as they are fitted with a sofa bed, which can be made to sleep a child under 12 years.


Travel across USA in Luxury Bus Charters


Advantages of using Bus charters for travel purposes

A charter bus is a hired bus by an organization or an individual for a group of people to travel from one place to different destinations. They are run by private companies and they include a number of amenities to keep the travelers comfortable including entertainment systems, air conditioning, reclining seating and many more. They are useful and best while you are doing a group travel.
The advantages of chartered bus are

  • Comfortable
  • Cost effective travelling
  • Versatile options to use space
  • Trouble free, no break downs
  • No hassles of driving
  • No need to be acquaint of traffic rules of the area of your travel
  • Friendly drivers
  • Reach On-time

The charter buses are the most comfortable coaches with modern amenities like personal DVD players, laptops, cell phones, recharge iPods. Wifi and other electronic devices.  They are clean and well maintained with clean bathrooms and rest rooms.  They also offer individual security with safety belts.


Different types of Bus charters available

Charter bus tours are comfortable and convenient way of transport for large group of people to travel for any type of event or venue and historical locations and tourist attractions.

There are many types of charter buses produced by individuals and major manufacturers who are specialized in conversion. According to the guidelines for each bus they can be classified as follows:

Charter bus/ Deluxe Motor coach:   This is also referred as deluxe motor coach, tour bus having seating capacity 47, 55, 56, 57 with provisions such as restroom, air conditioning, TV/DVD ad capable for long trips.

Minibus: These mini buses are used for shuttling local travel, airport transfers. They are cost effective for small groups. Common seating capacities are as 21, 24, 25 and 29. They are air-conditioned and have DVD/ TV facility in some buses.  They can be taken for long trips also.

 School Bus: The school buses are ideal for short distance and low budget. They are offered by school district providers or contractors.  The most common seating is 44, 48 and range of seating is 10 to 60 adults.   They do not have TV/ DVD or air condition facility. They are taken rarely for long trips.

Entertainer / Sleeper / Tour Bus: They are typically leased by musical celebrities or groups for extended touring, having 9 to 12 bunks for sleeping accommodation. They are usually leased for a month or more. The seating ranges from 9 to 18 and have all extra facilities of DVD/ TV. Air-condition and rest room.

Executive coach or Day coach: Executive coaches suitable for one-day or one-evening excursion and they are characterized by full size with lounge or office interiors.

Limo / Part Bus: They are ideal for party, weddings having seat ranging 10 to 50

Trolley: They are perfect for weddings, tours and local events with capacity ranging from 20 to 58

Double Decker: Available as closed and open top buses , commonly used for tours with range of seating 50 to 84


Enjoy a Luxury Travel across the country using Bus charter services

If you are setting up to sort out chartered bus trip then you have to consider some points like date, month and time of travel, number of people accompanying the travel in the chartered bus.  You have to plan ahead and book the bus charters at the earliest as there is high demand for such chartered buses.

They have luxurious amenities such as hardwood flooring, leather interiors to ride in comfort and style. They are also outfitted with a host of luxurious modern amenities including

  • Complimentary Wifi,
  • DVD players,
  • HD Flat screen monitors
  • Satellite radio
  • On board PA system for trip and tour guide announcements
  • Roomy aisles and spacious interiors
  • Reclining seats with ample legroom
  • Footrests and armrests
  • Overhead reading lights
  • Full view windows
  • Advanced climate control
  • Onboard restrooms


Visit historic landmarks, casinos and resorts across USA as you travel in luxury Bus Charters

Chartered bus tours provide amazing life time experiences with comfortable affordable journey. Different tour packages and different charter buses and you can select as per your tour plan and the number of people in the group. They are highly suitable for secured and secluded travel with quality and extra comfort.

With the Charter bus for travel, it offers the travelers three purposes. One option is that you can visit casinos and enjoy good time in casinos. Another option it provides is that you can visit historic landmarks, places, and the third option is to enjoy the vacation reaching a nature dwelling place so that you can stay and relax for days with your family and friends. Thus Bus charters offer you a exciting and tremendous way to enjoy visiting new places, regions, thus making the best for sightseeing tours.


What to Look for in a Young Adult’s First Boat

Whether you’re buying a boat for your college-aged child or you’re a young adult looking to buy a boat yourself, you’ll probably want something different than you would if you were shopping for a more seasoned boating veteran. Ask an expert salesperson about the best new and used boats for the young adult, and pick something that suits the young adult’s boating lifestyle.

Opt for Performance

Search for the best local performance boats for sale because performance boats offer more possibilities for the young adult boater. Young adults want to go farther from the dock and get there faster. They want to tow their friends around on water skis and let them go parasailing behind them. They want a versatile boat that they can shut off so they can just lounge around in the middle of the lake or ocean or go fishing in spots that are hard to get to from the dock.

While there are always exceptions, a young adult is more likely to enjoy performance boats and other boats that will allow him to feel the wind in his hair. Whether the boater enjoys fishing or simply relaxing on the lake or ocean, a sleek performance boat is sure to please.

Medford OR Restaurants Near The Airport


Travelers anywhere in southern Oregon know how outstanding The Regency Grill restaurant is. The restaurant enjoys a stellar reputation and is always highly rated by Yelp and many other food and entertainment publications. The restaurant’s award-winning executive chef, Dale Fowler, is an American Culinary Federation (ACF) certified Executive Chef as well as an active ACF officer. He was named ACF of Southern Oregon Chapter Chef of the year in 2005. As an ACF Hot Food Junior Team coach, he was awarded a Silver medal in 2008 and a Bronze medal in 2009.

When it comes to travelers to and from the nearby airport, service is extremely important. Many reviews of The Regency Grill stress its “outstanding service” and attentive staff. Other rave reviews include comments such as, “We were completely road weary, but when I saw the Chef’s Special of Four Spice Roasted Duck. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Absolutely perfect and delicious!” As for Medford OR restaurants near the airport, this one is exceptional and serves delicious food along the way.

Conveniently located in Medford, and open seven days a week, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., the restaurant serves complete meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  In addition, it also has a highly touted Sunday brunch every week, with an enormous selection of delectable food.  While the restaurant provides sustenance for the weary traveler, area residents also patronize this restaurant. Sometimes called one of the best Medford OR restaurants near the airport, hasn’t stopped it from becoming a favorite of many customers throughout southern Oregon.

The Regency Grill’s sophisticated menu and casually elegant atmosphere are also complemented by the wines and beer it pairs with many menu items. The restaurant showcases numerous regional and statewide microbreweries and also some of the finest wines in Southern Oregon.

The restaurant also offers seasonal dinner specials with special menus and prices. For example, in June they offered a crab-stuffed Portobello mushroom appetizer and a “Chef’s Special” that was a Northwest Seafood Clam Bake.

For elegance, atmosphere, delicious food and stellar service, The Regency Grill is an inviting Medford restaurant that offers a unique atmosphere and a menu designed by a master chef.